Pellet Burning Stoves

Benefits of Wood Pellets and Wood Pellet Stoves

  • Easy to operate
  • Clean to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wide range of designs
  • Lower cost heating bills
  • Usually only need to be loaded with wood pellets once every day or two.
  • Pellet stoves do not produce any smoke.
  • The exterior of the stove is safe in a home for children and pets as there is virtually no external heat on the outside of the stove as it's burning.
  • The burning of the pellets is very efficient and consists of low moisture
  • There are less harmful gasses that are released into the air.
  • Wood pellets usually come from sawdust, wood shavings and some forms of nuts.

Extraflame Teodora







What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are made from sawdust, compressed into uniform diameter (6-8mm) pellets to be burned in heating appliances. They are a clean, renewable , standardised fuel and allow for easy handling and storage.

Wood pellets should conform to European Quality standards for pellets as defined in – CEN/TC 14961

One tonne of pellets contains the same amount of energy as 500 litres of oil and has a volume of 1.8m3.

How can wood pellets heat my home?

Rather than burning wood in open fires, efficient stoves and boilers are used to burn wood pellets.

For pellet heaters with integrated boilers and outdoor pellet boilers a building is plumbed the same as if an oil or gas boiler is being installed and they are connected similarly. They can be used for both radiator and underfloor heating systems.




Extraflame Melinda


La-Nordica Extraflame Pellet Stoves

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Efficient
  • Low emmissions
  • High performance
  • Major savings
  • All products are certified to the strictest standards by prestigious organisations, and respond to the strictest standards of eco-compatibility

Extraflame Dorina

The Extraflame Dorina is one of our most popular pellet stoves.   This roomheater has a nominal thermal power of 2.6 - 6.2 kW.

It's available in three colours: Burgundy (red); Anthracite Black and Parchment (cream).

This stove is a bargain at €1,350, and costs 50% less to run compared to oil or solid fuel.

We can supply and install the stove and the flue.  The flue and installation is an additional cost.

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MCZ Pellet Stoves


  • Hot radiators fast
  • Maximum heat exchange
  • Outstanding runtime




Comfort Air:

  • Greater Efficiency to Use Less
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance





MCZ Nova Hydro

MCZ Nova Air